NORTHLAND COSMETIC ACADEMYS IS VERY EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE THREE NEW 'XYTIDE ARTLIFT THRED' COURSES! What is Xytide and Artlift? Xytide Biotech is a newly created company that specialises in Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Fillers and a wide range of Artlift Dermal threads. They are b...
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Upcoming Courses in 2021Unfortunately, due to lockdowns, we had to postpone some the courses we had scheduled these past months; however, we do still have two courses scheduled in November - subject to lockdown levels and interest. Ombre & Powder BrowsThis course offers an i...
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Think microneedling is a “new thing” in facial cosmetic procedures? Think again!! Let’s return to Ancient Asia, specifically China, and acupuncture. At the time, no one thought to document the first recorded use so the first proven use of acupuncture is from a book cal...
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October 5, 2020
This recent newspaper feature for Northland Cosmetic Academy explains some of our story and talks about our strong start as courses get underway. The response and performance from our students has been fantastic and we are excited to be planning more specialist training opti...
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Well 2020 certainly has thrown a lot at us so far hasn't it? While there have been plenty of strange and difficult times to deal with, the team at TruYou have also had some very exciting plans come to life! At the beginning of this year, we welcomed Penny Honey to our team. ...
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